An excellent example of how a text can be transformed for the stage.

Presented by shake & stir Theatre Company, QPAC and Adelaide Festival Centre

AUSTRALIAN CURRICULUM: The Arts, History, English
SACE: English, Creative Arts, Drama, Community Studies, Research Project

Through Shake & Stir’s unique approach to storytelling your students will witness a performance of Gothic Theatre, Ensemble Theatre and Magical Realism helping to deepen their understanding and providing an excellent example of how a text can be transformed for the stage. Students can compare and contrast the text and play, exploring the themes and issues presented for a new, modern audience.

Warning: Sexual themes, supernatural elements, simulated gore and violence in keeping with Stoker’s novel.

Performances: Friday 8 September & Wednesday 13 September 10.30am + 20min Q&A (Weeks 7–8)
$24.90 / Equity $15.90 | Yr 10–12
Space Theatre

Please note, the Education Kit will be sent to educators who have purchased tickets to see shake & stir’s Dracula.

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