Jane Skeer

Emerging artist Jane Skeer will be working towards two exciting projects onsite at the Festival Centre.

18 May – 31 Aug 2017

Adelaide Festival Centre is excited to announce emerging Adelaide-based contemporary artist Jane Skeer as the 2017 Adelaide Festival Centre/SALA Artist in Residence for DreamBIG Children’s Festival and SALA Festival.

An Adelaide Central School of Art graduate, Skeeris heavily involved in the South Australia’s arts community and has been exhibiting across Australia since she graduated with Honours in 2015.

Working predominantly in sculpture and installation with found objects and repurposed materials, Skeer is known for her playful works that engage all the senses; activating these objects in some way that respects their unique material qualities, prompting us to rethink our relationship with them.

Skeer will work for up to four months to create a series of new art works in response to DreamBIG Children’s Festival, as well as the Adelaide Festival Centre’s people, spaces and architecture. During this time, Adelaide Festival Centre will assist Skeer with the creative spaces, materials and expenses she’ll require.

The announcement follows the success of 2016’s artist in residence James Dodd’s series of works, including his large scale mural and exhibition, A Chat with Fred.

DreamBIG Festival Exhibition – Flyers

18 May – 27 May | Artspace
9am–2pm weekdays
10am–3pm weekends

A Note from the Artist:

Flyers started with collecting pamphlets from the recycle bins at the Adelaide Festival Centre. I was having a tour of the building and caught a glimpse of two bins full of pamphlets on route to recycling. Immediately I knew I should have seized them but I continued the tour looking for something else. Two weeks later I returned to the Festival Centre retrieving as many pamphlets as I could get my hands on.

Back in the studio every gesture is a question, an experiment. I find my way and trust my intuition to see where it leads. I work playfully, repeating a single action over and over again to create environments with emotional or affective impact. Each material has its own individual qualities and potential my goal is to work with this material to activate this potential. As an artist the process of thinking through making is a form of reflection required to allow oneself the time to be critical and analyse the work along the way.

My aim is to engage with the materials that speak out to me. Being prone to excess and obsessive organisation of things, I believe Flyers is a seductive and mysterious play on our livelihood. Flyers speaks of sunflower crops, a constellation of pinwheels, while overconsumption and waste will always be looming the background. The tensions in this installation between form and imagination avoid and confuse a fixed meaning. My intention is to invite the viewer to dream, to reminisce and to lose themselves in the aesthetic qualities of the work.

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Image: Flyers (detail), 2017, paper, dimensions variable. Photographer: Grant Hancock